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777 Captain – United Airlines

Iranian Human Rights Advocate


Captain Behnam Photo

in 2018, Captain Behnam was flying a Boeing 777 to Honolulu when the plane experienced catastrophic engine failure. The 777 was virtually uncontrollable. Were it not for Captain Behnam’s amazing piloting skills, the plane would have gone down, and 381 people would have lost their lives. His exceptional valor brought the plane safely to Honolulu. The Air Lines Pilot Association (ALPA) recognized his heroic efforts and those of his copilot and first officer. The group awarded Captain Behnam and his colleagues the Superior Airmanship Award, an honor that has been bestowed only five times since the 1930s. Never one to rest on his laurels, Captain Behnam has become a successful entrepreneur, businessman, public figure, and speaker, conducting leadership and motivational seminars. His book The Flying Lion is due to be released early next year.

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